Building Restoration Services in Florida

With every service from Universal Contracting, we will provide fast, accurate and thorough results. We are confident that we can meet your renovation and restoration needs with quality, dependable service. Universal Contracting has been providing commercial construction services in the greater Orlando area since the company's conception in February 1993.

Retail, Multi-Family & Commercial Property Restoration

Many older buildings will need updates both inside and out, and new owners often desire improved spaces to serve their specific needs. Whether it's a major overhaul or small renovation, Universal Contracting can help.

Interior & Exterior Repairs

We are not only the roof experts; we're also the building improvement gurus. Our building improvement offerings include framing, additions and remodeling, build-outs, siding, stucco, painting, flashing and more.


Color choices are a large part of your commercial space renovation. Rely on the expert advice of the Design Professionals at Universal Contracting to help you choose the perfect color palette for your next renovation project.


We offer both siding and panel solutions that range from durable, value options to higher-end, architectural grade products featuring the refinement and sophistication necessary for highly artistic commissions. Using only the best quality materials, we rely on products from manufacturers highly regarded in the commercial building industry - such as James Hardie Commercial. With decades of overseas experience, James Hardie Commercial is now serving U.S. commercial, multifamily and institutional customers.

Concrete & Masonry

To build the foundation of any home or business requires contractors that possess knowledge and experience with concrete and other masonry materials. Whether you need bricks laid or concrete poured, Universal Contracting is your foundation expert.


Save thousands of dollars in reduced maintenance expense and energy consumption with an upgraded, sustainable roof from Universal Contracting. Our Hydro-Stop PremiumCoat® sustainable roofing and waterproof system features an environmentally-safe, U.V. resistant elastomeric compound that provides a long lasting, energy efficient surface that exceeds the highest standards for hurricane force wind resistance and solar reflectivity.

Water Testing

In Florida's unpredictable and harsh weather, it's important that your business and your tenants are protected from flooding, water intrusion, and any other form of water damage. Water intrusion occurs when any form of moisture is introduced to the inside of your building through structural cavities, and it's one of the most devastating factors of poor structural integrity. Universal Contracting offers an array of water damage prevention and water testing services to make sure your property and its contents are safe.

Flat Roof Repair/Replacement

Water leaks in commercial buildings can have a costly impact, resulting in lost production time and/or equipment damage. We offer complete roofing services for all types of commercial properties. If you own a commercial building and you need an estimate for flat roof repairs, call us today for a free no-obligation estimate.

No shortcuts should be taken when it's time to install a new flat roof. Old materials should be properly removed and special care taken to keep the building watertight during the project. Save thousands of dollars in reduced maintenance expenses and energy consumption with a Hydro-Stop PremiumCoat® sustainable roofing and waterproofing system. This environmentally-safe, U.V. resistant elastomeric compound provides a long-lasting, energy efficient surface that exceeds the highest standards for hurricane force wind resistance and solar reflectivity. PremiumCoat® is an ideal solution for flat roofs of almost any roof substrate including concrete, metal, built-ups, and single-plys. Our technicians at Universal Contracting are certified PremiumCoat® applicators. If you think you might need your flat roof replaced, call us today for recommended solutions and a free no-obligation estimate.

Slope Roof Repair/Replacement

One of the many advantages of sloped roofing is its natural water resistance. However, if your sloped roof does experience damage it will leave your property at risk; so it's important to get repairs done quickly.

Replacing your flat roof with a sloped roof has some noteworthy benefits. If you want a more attractive look for your building, a sloped roof can add the luster of a new building. If you are looking for a roof that is more water resistant than a flat or low slope roof, then a sloped roof is the way to go.


De-cladding is the process of removing a building's exterior surfacing materials during renovation, or when leaks or other issues have arisen to warrant the removal and replacement of the building's exterior. In addition to improving the aesthetics, proper waterproofing methods are critical to protect the integrity and longevity of the structure. Knowledge of building codes, specific materials, and a complete understanding of the building process are also essential to prevent new damage and ensure the safe removal and proper reinstallation of the new exterior.

Destructive Testing

Destructive testing helps to determine the structural performance of a building or certain building materials under different conditions. Our experienced technicians will help increase the service life and create optimal designs for your next project.

Mold Mitigation

Mold infestation can be highly toxic and is potentially dangerous for employees or tenants. Universal Contracting uses a mold mitigation process to remove or reduce the mold residing in your building.