Repair Services in Florida

With every service from Universal Contracting, we will provide fast, accurate and thorough results. We are confident that we can meet your property repair needs with quality, dependable service.

Repairs of Retail, Multi-Family & Commercial Properties

As a full service commercial contractor, Universal Contracting can answer your questions about repairs, renovations and any construction needs. We are your point of contact for concept design/development, budget, schedule, and delivery, customized for your special repair project.

With every service, we will provide fast, accurate and thorough estimates and reports; we are confident that we can meet your construction needs. Contact us or call us now to schedule a free consultation and estimate.


With any wood working structure or project, a professional Carpenter is necessary to get the job done accurately and in a timely manner. Our carpenters provide superior quality workmanship for beautiful and functional commercial spaces.

Concrete and Masonry

To build or repair the foundation of any home or business requires contractors that possess knowledge and experience with concrete and other masonry materials. Whether you need bricks laid or concrete poured, Universal Contracting is your foundation expert.

Doors & Windows


Is it time to replace your building's aging, drafty windows with energy efficient, tight-fitting enhancements? Our beautifully designed, high performing windows can save 30% or more of "Energy Consumption" for heating and cooling. Our experienced window specialists and certified installers are skilled at providing a complete selection of options, styles and price points to meet your needs.


Our design experts can help you choose from numerous styles and finishes to create the perfect interior and exterior doors to fit your budget and style.


Whether you are looking to update your current electrical wiring, update circuit breakers, or improve your electrical safety, give Universal Contracting a call for a free electrical inspection.


Whether you are in need of advice, tips or any other service on your commercial floors, we can help. If you desire new commercial flooring, want to fix carpet that is bunching up, or any have concerns about your existing floors, call Universal Contracting today for a free inspection or estimate.


In the last several decades, building codes have called for increased attic insulation. Most experts contend that a well-ventilated attic keeps the building more comfortable in summer and guards against moist, heated air build-up in winter. Having a better ventilated building will save you money on heating and air conditioning expenses.


Color choices are a large part of your commercial space renovation. Rely on the expert advice of the Design Professionals at Universal Contracting to help you choose the perfect color palette for your next renovation project.


As a full service commercial contractor, Universal Contracting can answer your questions about any plumbing matter you may have. Whether you need updating or repairs, give us a call today for a free inspection.