Additional Services in Orlando

With every service from Universal Contracting, we will provide fast, accurate and thorough results.  We are confident that we can meet your additional commercial needs with quality, dependable service.

Acoustical Ceiling Systems

Acoustical Ceilings are a great way to reduce noise in a room. And as trends move toward more open spaces, our design team will help you achieve an aesthetic flair without compromising efficiency. By offering a variety of panel styles and designs, we can match our products to your needs.

Carpentry (cabinets, trim, mouldings, wood framing, decorative framing, trusses, walls, case work)

With any wood working structure or project, a professional Carpenter is necessary to get the job done accurately, and in a timely manner. Our carpenters provide superior quality workmanship for functional and beautiful commercial space

Concrete & Masonry (brick, stone, CMU, tilt wall, tie beams & tie columns)

To build the foundation of any home or business requires contractors that possess knowledge and experience with concrete and other masonry materials. Whether you need bricks laid or concrete poured, Universal Contracting is your foundation expert.

Design- Interior/Exterior

Universal Contractors are not only the experts on ground-up construction, we are dedicated to creating structures that are designed well, inside and out. With a dedicated and knowledgeable team of interior and exterior designers, Universal Contracting can help you create your dream space.


Is it time to replace your building's aging, drafty windows with energy efficient, tight-fitting enhancements? Our beautifully designed, high performing windows can save 30% or more of "Energy Consumption" for heating and cooling. Our experienced window specialists and certified installers are skilled at providing a complete selection of options, styles and price points to meet your needs.

Our design experts can help you choose from numerous styles and finishes to create the perfect interior and exterior doors to fit your budget and style.

Drywall/Insulation (Assemblies, Partitions, Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems, Foam)

Universal Contracting will expertly transform your property to display interior building walls to your prospective buyers. Providing a somewhat finished look, this space can easily be converted, meets the fire rating requirements, and offers a space buyers can easily visualize with their preferred use.

Or our team can completely remove all the interior walls and fixtures of your building leaving just the four outside walls – a Drywall Envelope. Then plans for your new occupants can be realized as we build the partition walls dividing up the space for use in multiple units.